The Towers of Hanoi

(in and other ways)

I was possibly the first person to bother solving Towers of Hanoi in
The implementation is described in my USENET post about it.

Here is another implementation I wrote, in PostScript this time:

[(To move )(64 rings)( from )(peg A)( to )(peg C)( via )(peg B)
(move a ring){{i d s n}D n 1 ge[n 1 sub s i d/H X[m f s t]/P X d/= X
n 1 sub i d s/H X]X if}{{print flush}forall}{cvx}/D{{exch def}forall
}def{X P H}D 10 copy pop]P(:)={m i j d t s f n j j}D n cvi s d i H

Occasionally I think about attempting a solution in auto-reloading webpages and/or in apache mod_rewrite rules.
But don't hold your breath...

Edit (2011-09-23): Roland Illig made a mod_rewrite version. So I don't need to. 8^)

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