findimagedupes - find visually similar or duplicate images

A few years ago, the findimagedupes program by Rob Kudla found its way into Debian. I noticed it, played with it a bit, and filed some bug reports / suggestions for improvement. Then I forgot about it.

Some time later, I was contacted by the Debian maintainer, asking if I would submit my improvements. It seemed simpler to rewrite the code than to patch it. So, after many delays and interruptions, that's what I did.

My version of findimagedupes has now replaced Rob Kudla's code in Debian.

Documentation is built-in: "perldoc findimagedupes" or "findimagedupes --man"
Alternatively, you may view a preformatted manpage produced by pod2html.
The code is also available from GitHub.

You'll need Perl, GraphicsMagick and a few CPAN modules. See the beginning of the source for details.

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